New Study Warns of Inadequate Security Provisions in Home and Office Routers

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Washington, D.C. (September 26, 2018)— “5 of every 6 routers are inadequately updated for known security flaws, leaving connected devices open to cyberattacks that can compromise consumer privacy and lead to financial loss,” according to a new study released today by the American Consumer Institute. The study, “Securing IoT Devices: How Safe […]

Blockchain and the Slim Risk of a “51% Attack”

Aside from a blockchain’s application to BitCoin, variants of blockchain have made inroads as a distributed ledger for other applications in finance and allied industries. The allure of blockchain is its validation mechanism, its secure transaction history and its low-cost record keeping. Recently blockchain has been used in such diverse fields as health records and […]

The Coming Battle over Encrypt-Decrypt Certification

With disturbing frequency, cyberattacks on government institutions, infrastructure and commercial firms are being reported.  Attacks on government agencies seem to emanate from nation-state rivals such as Russia, China, and Iran.  The attacks are usually probes for intelligence on military strength or for design data on advanced military technologies.  Russia used this strategy to monitor Ukrainian […]

Universal Internet IDs — Too Easy?

Internet users are burdened by the need to select and remember user identities and passwords that are unique to each website worth visiting.  Websites that receive your sensitive personal information are worth protecting with unique accounts or user IDs and strong passwords that will thwart thieves and hackers.  Memorizing a long list of those user […]

Online Security and Your Dog

Getting a dog for home security can make sense, but how about online security? This weekend we started downloading a map app – high tech consumers in action, but progress ground to a halt because we were uncomfortable with the app’s demand for an email identity to associate with the app.  There is no good […]