Webinar Video: Recycling: Paper, Plastic, or Metal?

See Our Video on the Environmental Sustainability of Recycling Food and Beverage Packaging The general norm is that it doesn’t matter if it’s aluminum food cans, plastic, or paper food packaging—they all go into the recycling bin. But the costs and environmental benefits associated with the recycling process itself differ by product. While some materials […]

The Green Label’s Bait and Switch

American consumers of “sustainable” wood products may be surprised to find out what is labeled “green” could actually be made, furbished or processed in an environmentally unsound manner.  This occurs due to misguided government bias that favors one international certification standard, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), over other credible standards, such as the American Tree […]

ACI in the Huffington Post: Environmentally-friendly Forests? Well, Just on Paper

Consumers are increasingly seeking sustainable, environmentally-friendly products, including wood and paper products. In fact, many consumers are willing to pay more for eco-labeled goods that come from “well-managed forests.” Often times, that eco-label means that the wood was certified to have met the standards set by one particular international forestry certification organization, the Forest Stewardship […]

ACI Announces New Study: Recommends Credible Certification Standards for Consumer Protection

Earlier this year, the American Consumer Institute started studying issues surrounding “forest certification” and their impact on domestic timber and consumer markets.  These are under the radar issues for many Americans, but they are important to raise because they impact consumer perception of the sustainability and commensurate value of wood and paper products.  As new […]

Real Clear Policy Blog: The True Costs of Green Labeling

The familiar saying “you get what you pay for” applies in many circumstances. Under certain conditions, however, this statement can be very misleading. For example, when customers pay a higher price for wood and paper products with “green” labels, they may not actually be getting something that is better for the environment. A combination of […]

E&E Exclusive Interview on a New Study by ACI

The following is an excerptt of the article “Report Blasts Standards Ahead of Green Building Code Revision” by E&E reporter Amanda Peterka: “A major forest-certification program raises the consumer price for wood and puts the United States at a competitive disadvantage by driving business overseas, a consumer research organization warned in a study released today. […]

Certification Policy Not Seeing the Forests from the Trees

Earlier this year, I wrote about the issue of forest certification and how government regulation of the certification market imposes certain costs to producers and consumers of wood products.  Over the past decade numerous local, state and federal government agencies have regulated this market by adhering to the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) LEED rating […]

Making Responsible Environmental Choices

Recently, both the New York Times and Washington Post posted articles that raised several important questions for consumers seeking “green” products in the marketplace.  Congress is also weighing on the issue.  Recently, a group of US representatives sent a letter to Rick Fedrizzi, President and CEO of the U.S. Green Building Council, indicating their concern […]