ACI Noted in Congressional Letter to FCC

Last week, Congressman Mike Pompeo wrote a letter to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler on what role the FCC has and what actions the FCC can take to stop the patent pool abuse that is driving up consumer electronic prices by $200 million per year.  ACI has written about this is a number of times: Huffington Post Daily Caller […]

The Hill’s Congress Blog: The Consumer Interest in Patent Pools

Aggressive litigation by patent trolls earned them notoriety over the past few years.  At last, bills with a chance of protecting consumers and the economy from unrestrained patent trolling are moving through Congress (S. 1720 and H.R. 3309).  While the focus of those bills is patent trolls, the bills should also tighten controls on patent […]

The Hill Congressional Blog: ACI on Problems with Patent Pools

A piece — written by Steve Pociask of ACI in today’s Hill Congressional Blog — discusses how some patent pools are increasing the price consumers pay for electronic goods.  To read the full piece visit —