A Few Remedies for Counterfeit Drugs

High margins and light punishments attract criminals who produce and distribute fake drugs.  Counterfeiters scrimp on production costs by using alternate or no active ingredients that are brewed up in unclean labs, and they “up-label” asserting a higher potency or stolen pedigree.  In 2005, drug counterfeiters grossed $32B and by 2010 that had risen to […]

Pociask’s Op-ed In THE HILL’s Congressional Blog

The Solution Can Sometimes Be Worse than the Problem (Published in THE HILL’s Congressional Blog on January 6, 2012 as “FTC should block proposed Express Scripts-Medco merger”  The perfect example of the law of unintended consequences can be found in the 7 million acres from Texas to Washington DC that is covered by Kudzu vines.  […]

ACI Expert to Speak on Biosimilars and Protecting R&D Dollars

Professor Joseph Fuhr Jr., ACI Senior Fellow and professor of Economics at Widener University, will be speaking on the challenges, lessons and opportunities in the marketing of biosimilars in the U.S. at the BioNJ Breakfast Salon in Bridgewater, NJ on June 2, 2011.