ACI Files Comments to U.S. Postal Regulatory Commission Proceeding

Comments of American Consumer Institute Center for Citizen Research Regarding Docket No. RM2017-3 Submitted to the United States Postal Regulatory Commission January 31, 2020   The American Consumer Institute (“ACI”) hereby submits these comments to address matters surrounding the recently revised notice of proposed rulemaking by the Postal Regulatory Commission (“the Commission”) aimed at modifying […]

ACI Files Comments Regarding the USPS’ 2018 Annual Compliance Report

On January 31, 2018, the American Consumer Institute (ACI) filed its comments with the United States Postal Regulatory Commission regarding the United States Postal Service’s Fiscal Year 2018 Annual Compliance Report.  In the filing, ACI states “given the Postal Service’s dire fiscal position and clear deterioration of core services – from both a performance and […]

USPS’ Financials Justify the White House’s Commission to Reform the Postal System

Over the past three months, the USPS announced today that they lost an additional $1.5 billion. As total losses for FY2018 climb to $3.3 billion, USPS management continues to deflect blame as opposed to rolling their sleeves up and figuring out how to better manage their finances. President of American Consumer Institute, Steve Pociask emphasized […]

Washington Examiner: U.S. Postal Service Doesn’t Need More Money; It Needs Reform

A proposal pending before the Postal Regulatory Commission would authorize the U.S. Postal Service to dramatically increase prices on consumers, while the agency’s long-standing financial mismanagement is largely ignored. In recent years, the Postal Service’s already precarious financial situation has worsened. In the last decade, the agency has reported more than $65 billion in losses […]

ACI’s Regulatory Filing: How to Save the Postal Service From Collapse

ACI filed its comments with the United States Postal Commission in regard to its Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for Docket RM2017-3.  ACI’s filing provides empirical evidence that shows significant cost shifting from competitive services facing market rivalry to monopoly services now subject to financial collapse, and it recommends ways to financially save the postal service […]