ACI Files USPS Comments

Comments of American Consumer Institute Center for Citizen Research Regarding Docket No. RM2020-9, Submitted to the United States Postal Regulatory Commission December 15, 2020 The American Consumer Institute (“ACI”) hereby submits these comments to address issues surrounding potential modifications to the Postal Service’s costing methodologies. In ACI’s view, this exercise undertaken by the Commission to […]

The Economic Standard: After 10,000 Postal Documents, No Business Plan in Sight

As the U.S. Postal Service remains a topic of great interest for lawmakers, taxpayers, and the general public, a non-profit group, American Oversight notably received a vast trove of documents dating back to early 2020. The collection of nearly 10,000 pages released on September 17th includes communications of former Postmaster General Megan Brennan on the subject of the […]

Townhall: House Infrastructure Bill Needs to Prioritize Consumers and Businesses

This past week, Democratic representatives on the Hill unveiled the text of a colossal $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill. Dubbed the Moving Forward Act, the plan offers a mile-long shopping list for federal spending—from clean energy to the postal service. But the flurry of ambitious projects draws attention away from the fact that businesses, workers, and consumers across the […]

Morning Consult: Logistics Analysts Agree — USPS Parcel Strategy Was Always Doomed to Fail

The U.S. Postal Service’s quarterly financial report released last month revealed more than just a net loss of $2.3 billion for the three-month period; it also showed an unexpected drop in the Postal Service’s package volumes for the fewest deliveries in nearly a decade. Read this piece in the Morning Consult to hear why this […]

Is the Postal Service is Overcharging You on Stamps So It Can Compete with Package Delivery Services?

In fiscal year 2018, the USPS reported $3.9 billion in losses, up from the $2.7 bilion loss it experienced in 2017. It’s been over a decade since the USPS was last profitable, which is particularly concerning given that the agency was intended to be financially self-sufficient. Adding to its financial challenges, the USPS rarely meets […]

Postal Service Faces Bleak New Year as Its Harmful Business Practices Continue

It’s a new year, but not much has changed at the U.S. Postal Service. The agency continues to hemorrhage cash, miss quality of service targets, and accrue massive unfunded liabilities. In fiscal year 2018, the USPS reported $3.9 billion in losses — the latest in a decade-long trend of deepening operating deficits. And it’s not […]

USPS’ Financials Justify the White House’s Commission to Reform the Postal System

Over the past three months, the USPS announced today that they lost an additional $1.5 billion. As total losses for FY2018 climb to $3.3 billion, USPS management continues to deflect blame as opposed to rolling their sleeves up and figuring out how to better manage their finances. President of American Consumer Institute, Steve Pociask emphasized […]

Washington Examiner: Trouble at the Post Office

This month, the U.S. Postal Service, a government enterprise, released new data that provides further evidence of the agency’s financial woes. Net losses for the second quarter of 2018 totaled $1.3 billion, compared to a net loss of $562 million for the same period last year. The new data highlight the need for policymakers to […]

New White House Task Force Must Address New U.S. Postal Service Losses and Lack of Cost Controls

After losing more than $65 billion in the matter of a decade, the U.S. Postal Service is well-known for its dismal financial mismanagement. Thus, it comes with little surprise that the Postal Service announced this week another loss of $1.3 Billion for the second quarter of 2018. President of American Consumer Institute, Steve Pociask, emphasized […]