Want Lower Drug Costs? Increase Generic Competition

The list price of prescription drugs has already risen this year an average of 4.5%, with most of the increases coming from drugs that do not have a generic alternative. These price increases impose a greater burden on the 25% of Americans who already struggle to afford their medicines. The Kaiser Family Foundation found in […]

Coalition Sends Letter to FDA: Foster Biosimilar Competition and Reduce Costs

A group of 29 nonprofit organizations filed a letter with the FDA calling on them to foster the development of a robust biosimilars market, which would ultimately reduce prescription drug costs and provide patients with access to more affordable therapies. The letter is available online.

Amazon’s Next Step in the Pharmacy Industry

With the acquisition of PillPack, Amazon played another card in its high stakes contest of elbowing its way into retail pharmacy. Amazon has long been expected to make a move into the pharmacy space, and the 64,000 US retail pharmacies are not pleased to see Amazon sticking its big nose under their tent. Assuming that […]

Coalition Sees CREATES ACT as Pro-competition and Pro-Consumer

The House and Senate are considering legislation to speed entry of generic competition into the market as a means to provide greater patient access and lower prescription costs for consumers.  The Senate and the House coalition letter are available online.  Simply put, what the CREATES Act represents is a market-based way that contributes to giving […]

ACI in Real Clear Health: When Crime Pays

The purpose of penalties such as fines and jail time is to address and correct perpetrators’ bad behaviors, whilst signaling to others that illicit behavior will not be tolerated – “crime will not pay.” However, when it comes to the business of counterfeit prescription medications, law enforcement falls far short as an effective deterrent. To […]

Pharmacy Benefit Managers: Market Power and Lack of Transparency

Today, the American Consumer Institute published a new educational ConsumerGram on Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) and how their market influence and lack of transparency can influence consumer drug pricing. PBMs are virtually unregulated in what is an otherwise regulated health care sector. The ACI analysis of the PBM market highlights several issues surrounding PBM negotiations […]

ACI Sends Letter to FTC — PBM Merger Will Pose Anticompetitive Risks for Consumers

PDF VERSION IS AVAILABLE HERE — PCPAN_Letter_ACI to FTC   January 11, 2012 Chairman Jon Leibowitz Federal Trade Commission 600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20580   Dear Chairman Leibowitz: The American Consumer Institute Center for Citizen Research is strongly opposed to the proposed merger between pharmacy benefit managers (PBM) Express Scripts, Inc. and Medco […]

Pociask’s Op-ed In THE HILL’s Congressional Blog

The Solution Can Sometimes Be Worse than the Problem (Published in THE HILL’s Congressional Blog on January 6, 2012 as “FTC should block proposed Express Scripts-Medco merger”  The perfect example of the law of unintended consequences can be found in the 7 million acres from Texas to Washington DC that is covered by Kudzu vines.  […]