Coalition Calls for Increased Generic Drug Competition

While the Lower Health Care Costs Act is intended to increase competition and patient access to lower cost medicines, section 205 of the bill needs to address FDA concerns about the “parking” of generic applications. We believe generic manufacturers need to launch new medications into the market as soon as possible after approval. However, as […]

ACI Coaltion Letter Sent To FDA

A coalition of nonprofit think tanks sent a letter to FDA Commissioner Sharpless urging reforms to current regulatory regulations that are impeding market competition between drug makers. The letter states that increasing market competition is the best means for price reductions, which will lower medical program costs, taxpayer burdens, and out-of-pocket expenses for consumers, as […]

Christenson Writes on The Hill’s “Congress Blog”

Zack Christenson, a regular contributor for ACI, wrote an execellent piece on how cable/video service reforms will increase competition and benefit consumers.  Zack’s piece, published on THE HILL’s “Congress Blog” is available here.