When it Comes to Price Discrimination and Multi-Sided Markets, There is Lot to Learn from Google

This ConsumerGram discusses how Google uses near perfect price discrimination and multi-sided markets to profit on search advertising.  The ConsumerGram was written by Dr. Larry Darby, a former FCC Bureau Chief and Chief Economist, shortly before his passing last year.  Click here to download the entire piece — CG on multisided markets and price discrimination

Three ConsumerGrams: Internet Regulations Would Harm the Environment and Raise Consumer Prices

Three Consumers address: how Internet regulations would harm the environment, by reducing broadband access to telecomuting, teleconferencing, distance learning and other applications; how Internet regulations would reduce consumer welfare; and how regulations that limit price discrimination would harm consumers and reduce network investment.  To read ConsumerGrams click on the links below: On the envirnoment … nn-and-the-environment On […]