Video: How Ending Price Regulation Benefitted Consumers

This month marks the 40th anniversary of the Staggers Act, a law that ended the regulation of railroad prices. The Staggers Act demonstrated four decades ago that deregulation, when done correctly, can provide huge benefits to the nation and to consumers in particular. Specifically, price deregulation led to a 44% long term reduction in rail […]

Real Clear Policy: Are ‘Affordability Boards’ the Answer to Increasing Drug Prices?

A growing number of states are looking to set up prescription drug affordability review boards to reel in soaring prescription drug prices. In most cases, the proposed boards would allow the states to set pricing caps for certain higher-cost drugs, as well as limit price increasing by drug makers. Yet, contrary to expectations, a new […]

More Price Regulations = More Costs for Consumers

Becki Gray of the John Locke Institute, the leading think tank in North Carolina, just posted an interesting piece that discusses an analysis that ACI did some years ago.  The analysis shows that as automobile insurance price regulation increases so do the costs that consumers pay.  That irony should give us pause and resolve in knowing […]

ACI Expert in the Charlotte Observer: Insurance Price Controls Stifle Innovation

There has been a great deal of heated discussion regarding auto insurance reform during the past several years.  The insurance industry is divided and parties are trying to make their case to legislators in the General Assembly.  It can’t be denied that the average premium for drivers is ranked as one of the lower in […]

ACI Files Comments in the Treasury’s FIO Proceeding on Modernizing and Improving Insurance Regulation in the U.S.

For a printable version of ACI’s filing, Please Click Here. Summary: In this proceeding, the Institute comments for the purpose of assisting the FIO in formulating its recommendations to Congress as they pertain to insurance institutions and regulation of these institutions.  Our comments focus solely on the intersection of issues involving the cost and benefit of […]

American Consumer Institute Applauds Governor Scott for Signing Pro-Consumer SB 408 into Law

The American Consumer Institute Center for Citizen Research (ACI) today applauded Florida Governor Rick Scott for signing into law Senate Bill 408, the omnibus property insurance legislation.   “It is my strong view that SB 408 represents meaningful and pro-consumer reforms that will encourage competition, increase policyholder surplus and protect consumers from insurer insolvencies,” said […]

Are Florida Homeowners Paying More For Less? Study Cites Price Regulation as the Major Reason

Price regulation of property and casualty insurance in Florida has been a failure, according to a new ACI study released by the American Consumer Institute.  The study shows that Florida insurance prices were 30% above the national average just 10-15 years ago, but today they stand at 90% above the national average, despite the state having […]

Star-Telegram: The Facts about Price Regulation in Texas

In today’s special commentary for the Ft. Worth Star Telegram, Pociask fact-checks the current political rhetoric on Texas insurance price regulation.  He finds that the facts don’t support today’s policy and their directions, and these pricing policies appear to be making consumers worse off.  How is it that price regulation leads to the second highest rates in the country?  […]