Clawbacks — Another Source of Prescription Cost Overpayment

Brand and Generic drug prices show different pricing behaviors. In brand drugs, we see the effects of the 20 years of monopoly protection accorded to the first patent holder. However, the 20 years starts when the drug is invented, not when the FDA authorizes it for public use. Usually brand drugs are affordable despite noticeably […]

Finding Effective Competition: A Look at the Wireless Telecommunications Market

The FCC will soon be releasing its annual report on wireless competition.  One key question, of course, is whether the market is competitive.  Proponents of regulation seem to believe that consumers are automatically endangered when there are only a few competitors.  But accepted economic literature and empirical research finds no evidence that market concentration, by […]

American Consumer Institute ConsumerGram: Are Broadband Prices Too High?

American Consumer Institute ConsumerGram: Are Broadband Prices Too High? Recent findings by ACI suggest “affordability” depends on context  WASHINGTON – Today the American Consumer Institute Center for Citizen Research released a ConsumerGram addressing the affordability of broadband Internet service.  They find that “affordability” for a given consumer depends not only on the price of the […]

President Wants Choice and Competition?

The front page of the Washington Post (8/17/2009) reports: White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that Obama “will be satisfied” if the private insurance market has “choice and competition.” ACI wants increased choice and competition too; and so do consumers, according to recent survey data.  Consumers believe that increased competition would reduce […]

American Consumers Pay 10 Cents per Minute Less and Use over 600 Minutes More than Their International Counterparts

Can 270 Million American Wireless Subscribers Be Wrong? Two years ago, a ConsumerGram summarized a number of statistical reports and found that the U.S. wireless market was lower priced, had more competition, provided more minutes per subscriber and had greater handset choice than any country in Europe, concluding that those calling for the adoption of […]

Price Regulation Means Higher Consumer Prices?

While solvency protection, better consumer information and consumer protections are very important aspects of private automobile insurance regulation, a wide range of price regulations – such as prior approval, “file and use” and “use and file” – have persisted across the states with questionable results and benefits for consumers. The concern this raises is whether […]

What is the Real Cost of Owning a Printer?

The Lack of Industry Standards Leads Consumers to Overspend $6 Billion for Home Computer Printers and Printer Ink A major study released by the Institute found that consumers were being lured into buying inexpensive printers, only later to pay substantially more for ink. In a recent ConsumerGram, we concluded that giving all consumers more information […]