FTC Should Require Better Ink Printer Labeling

Better Printer Ink Labeling Needed Steve Pociask   Over the life of a home computer printer, the cost of buying ink cartridges can far surpass the upfront cost of the printer – and for one major reason – because manufacturers are not required to disclose printing costs.  This lack of disclosure leads consumers to buy […]

Consumers Support Better Ink Cartridge Labeling

Our online poll of 102 readers found that 96% wanted manufacturers to be required to disclose the cost of printing on printers and printer cartridges.  Because of the lopsidedness of the tally, the error rate in this poll would be plus or minus 3.9%, assuming respondents are representative of the general population.  Clearly, consumers want more information […]

LA Times Reports on the Need for Better Product Labelling, Cites American Consumer Institute Research

This Los Angeles Times article discusses the high cost of computer printer ink and the lack of product labeling on ink cartridges.  The article cites ACI’s 2007 study on the issue.  The Times article discusses efforts by the organization — National Conference on Weights and Measures — to investigate the issue.  To read the entire article in the Times, […]