What Should a Federal Data Standard Look Like?

As Congress wraps up for the 2021 legislative year, attention is beginning to turn to next year’s priorities. One issue that seems likely to dominate lawmakers’ time next session will be the issue of data privacy and cybersecurity and the possible creation of a federal data protection standard. The issue currently enjoys broad bipartisan support, […]

A Privacy Regulation Food Fight

The EU is crafting rules to “better fight crime and terror.”  Earlier, the EU had tightened rules governing the EU peoples’ private information, and some EU nations are preparing their own versions of privacy protections.  Last week, the US Congress repealed Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules governing internet service provider (ISP) use of consumers’ browsing […]

Privacy Shield – The New Safe Harbor for Assuring Privacy

The 28 EU states have approved “Privacy Shield,” a new version of the Safe Harbor agreement for transfer of individuals’ data between the US and the EU. That is good news. The earlier Safe Harbor agreement was stricken down by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in a case where a European individual claimed that […]