ICYMI: Consumer Protections Wins and Fails: Tech 1.0

If you missed part one of our new webinar series you can watch it HERE now. On Tuesday, we gathered leading policy experts to tackle some of the toughest issues facing consumers in tech policy. Panelists discussed how future consumer protections are shaping up, from privacy legislation and what to do about robocalls, to the […]

Can You See Me Now?

Once again, it’s graduation season with the parties, the ceremonies and the yearbooks (are yearbooks still available in hard copy?). I recall elementary school class pictures where we lined up in rows sorted by height. In high school the lineup was less orderly, and many skipped class pictures at college graduation because we had places […]

Camera Surveillance of the Public

In China, a complex system is being developed to assign “social credit” scores to residents. The scores will reflect the value of an individual’s condoned or condemned behaviors. The system will use surveillance cameras and perhaps microphones in public areas to record what passersby are doing and with whom they are meeting. The recordings are […]

Arizona Senate Ponders Legislation that would Legalize Data Breaches

Arizona’s House Bill 2418 is anti-consumer, in that it would  put the private data of consumers at risk. Specifically, it would allow third-parties to access Dealer Management Systems (DMSs) that contain personally identifiable information of consumers, potentially including their name, address, phone number, Social Security number, employment data, purchase history, financial information and other private information […]

Inside Sources: Lawmakers Are Rolling Up Their Sleeves to Legislate Privacy, but Are They Getting It Right?

Congress has less than 10 months until CCPA and other state legislation kicks in to figure out an optimal solution for protecting the online privacy of American consumers. The current patchwork of state privacy laws has not served Americans well, and it’s threatening to become more confusing and complex for businesses to thrive and consumers […]

DNA Testing and Privacy

DNA sequencing (determining the precise order of nucleotides in a DNA molecule) for humans was first performed in 1977. The process was so time consuming and costly that DNA sequencing was performed only for important medical research. The first complete organism sequenced was an influenza bacterium in 1995. The Human Genome Project was not completed […]

Inside Sources: Data Privacy Should Also Be Congress’ Concern

Data Privacy Day reminds consumers once a year of the need to protect online data and privacy, but it is the role of Congress legislate workable policy solutions. The Congress should acknowledge that protecting the online privacy of American consumers is a non-partisan issue, and it should be one of its priorities in 2019. A […]

The Hill: Time for Congress to address digital privacy

Friday’s headline reported that Marriott’s computer records were hacked, exposing information on 500 million of their hotel guests. The problem of compromised online data is rampant. In the first nine months of 2018, cyber breaches exposed 3.8 billion customer records according to Risk Based Security. Only this past October, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid’s […]