Privacy Bill Should Reflect Prior Successes and Failures

On June 14, the House Energy and Commerce Committee convened a hearing on the proposed American Data Privacy and Protection Act (ADPPA), representing the first major bipartisan effort by Congress to provide nationwide data protections. Although the draft legislation delivers on the demand for greater privacy regulations, the financial burdens placed on small and medium-sized […]

GDPR: Europe’s Warning to America

In 2016, the European Union ratified the General Data Protection Regulation, more commonly known as GDPR, to update the block’s data protection rules that dated to 1995. As the New York Times noted one day before the rules took effect, GDPR created “the world’s toughest rules to protect people’s online data.” Given the growing concern about data privacy, advocates […]

As Congress Stalls on Data Privacy, Americans Lose Out

2022 promised great things for data privacy. High-profile cyberattacks and a bipartisan consensus that Congress ought to act had commentators predicting a federal data standard was a real possibility. However, political headwinds, midterms, and other priorities have conspired against such a standard, and prospects now appear remote. Unfortunately, Americans lose out without a unified federal […]

Real Clear Policy: States are Imperiling Consumers’ Online Safety

Legislative efforts to rein in online application stores currently exist on two planes. At the federal level lawmakers are considering the Open App Market App Act. While cracking down on how online application stores like Apple and Google operate may follow a broader public and political trend of attacking big tech companies, these bills could inadvertently expose […]

The Economic Standard: State Adds Further Complexity to the Privacy Hodgepodge

This week, lawmakers in Olympia, WA will, for the fourth time, attempt to pass a comprehensive data protection bill styled of the 2018 California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). The proposed Washington Foundational Data Privacy Act (WFDPA) seeking to provide 7.7 million Washingtonians with greater data privacy rights, fails to strike an important balance between consumers’ […]

2022: The Year of Data Privacy?

Throughout 2021, the issue of data privacy became one of the central legislative questions facing lawmakers in Washington and state legislatures across the country. Data breaches at UC San Diego Health, Volkswagen and Audi, Facebook, and Robinhood raised public concern about how private companies and government agencies (mis)handle sensitive consumer information such as email addresses, […]

Inside Sources: GDPR Was Bad for Europe; U.S. Needs Its Own Path

While GDPR has provided essential data protections for Europeans, it has also imposed substantial compliance costs on American companies seeking to do business in the bloc and forced many companies to cease their European operations. The result has been increased prices for European and American consumers and reduced access to new products and services for […]

Town Hall: IRS Snooping Could Imperil Consumer Data

Arguably one of the most concerning provisions in the Democrats’budget reconciliation package is enabling the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to look into American’s bank accounts if they have deposits greater than $10,000, excluding salaries, each year. Not only does this provision represent a flagrant violation of privacy and a constitutional right to unreasonable search and seizures, […]

Real Clear Policy: Congress — Pass a Federal Data Law

In the first six months of 2021, there were 1,767 data breaches reported across the globe, exposing over 18 billion records. To contextualize that number, more records were exposed in six months than people on earth. Data breaches not only compromise consumers’ and businesses’ financial situations, but they can also lead to unnecessary stress and […]

Washington Examiner: Virginia’s New Data Privacy Law Shows Why Consumers Need Federal Legislation

The passage of a new data privacy law in Virginia highlights why there needs to be comprehensive federal legislation. The current multiple state privacy bills enacted or proposed create a patchwork of inconsistent state laws across the country, which raises the cost of compliance for companies seeking to do business across state lines. Raising compliance […]