Labor Productivity and Artificial Intelligence

Economic growth is needed to provide income for workers and to provide tax revenues that support our defense and safety net government programs.  Without Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth, it is difficult to justify higher wages and it becomes near impossible to fund government at the desired levels.  The advent of robotics and artificial intelligence […]

Divorce Challenges Workers, Investors and Consumers

Divorces and pre-divorce antics are front page fodder for supermarket tabloids.  Indeed, for some celebrity couples, dissolving a marriage is a contrived publicity seeking junket.  Away from the paparazzi cameras, most of us facing divorce feel the almost physical pain of losing a longtime partner.  The supermarket tabloids sometimes get it right, namely that some […]

Productivity, GDP and Alzheimer’s

The disappointing 0.5% annual rate increase in our first quarter GDP confirms our dreary expectations for wage growth.  There are no good short term fixes and the most durable fix is education, a remedy that takes decades to bear fruit.  But, we may be ignoring a significant cause of our slipping productivity, namely the loss […]

Productivity and Wage Stagnation

Annual wage growth has been an anemic half of one percent for American employees in the period 2007 to 2015.  In that same period, labor productivity crawled at a 1.2% pace, down from the more typical 2.6% pace during 2000 to 2007.  Wage stagnation was more intense for those in the middle income strata.  Over […]

“Sharing” an Opportunity to Get It Right

The U.S economy has been slow to grow employment and it has left paychecks without noticeable increases. In the five most recent quarters, labor productivity decreased by 3.1%. Flat wages are to be expected when labor productivity is stalled. Besides increasing economic output, productivity could be increased by better organized workflow, improving work skills, increasing […]

High Bandwidth Smartphones Fuel Economic Growth

About 35% of the world’s seven billion people have a mobile phone of one kind or another, and of those, one billion people use the more advanced device, a “Smartphone.”  Smartphones need copious bandwidth to really pay off for their users.  So-called 3G and 4G bandwidth provides the fastest data transfers, making data-intensive applications (such […]

Cloud Computing — a Jobs Forecast Update

A major driver of progress over the past 15 years is the Internet, where 2 billion people are connected and $8 trillion is exchanged each year in e-commerce.  McKinsey estimated that the internet created 1.2 million jobs but destroyed 500,000 jobs.  Many jobs created were in functions such as sales, engineering, and service.   Many jobs […]

The Decline in Wireless Employment – A Symptom of a Problem or Success?

Anton Troianovski’s recent article “Wireless Jobs Vanish” (WSJ, July 18, 2011) concluded that wireless carrier employment has fallen to a 12-year low.  The article compared the decline in wireless employment and the increase in revenues calling it a “disconnect” – implying that there is something terribly wrong in the wireless market.  Nothing could be further […]

Study Finds Unregulated Broadband Market is Key to Innovation

Net Neutrality Will Hurt Private Investment, Impede Consumer Friendly Innovations WASHINGTON – The American Consumer Institute released today a study on innovation by companies in the Internet ecosystem.  The study, which surveyed available data and literature, found that broadband network providers are a leading source of both innovation and new investment in Internet infrastructures.    […]