Picking Winners and Losers by Regulation

News about Google’s toe-in-the-water experiment with actually running a broadband network has generated some headlines recently, and for good reason.  In 2010, a study that I co-authored with Professors Larry Darby and Joseph Fuhr showed that network companies created twice as many jobs and invested twice as much, dollar for dollar, compared to non-network (edge) […]

Letter to Congress on Competition in the “Evolving Digital Marketplace”

  September 15, 2010 Congressman Hank Johnson 1133 Longworth HOB Washington, D.C. 20515   Dear Chairman Johnson: As the Subcommittee on Courts and Competition Policy meets tomorrow on “Competition in the Evolving Digital Marketplace,” I would like to call to your attention to the growing threat to competition – Google’s high market share, high profits […]

Internet Regulations Will Hinder Job Creation

Will Proposed Net Neutrality Regulations Lead to Fewer IT Jobs? On January 28th, Dr. Larry Darby, Senior Fellow and Former FCC Bureau Chief, presented the findings of ACI’s latest study “The Internet Ecosystem: Employment Impacts of National Broadband Policies.”  The study authored by Larry Darby, Joseph Fuhr and Stephen Pociask shows that network companies employ […]

American Consumer Institute Study: Internet Job Creation

Study concludes net neutrality and other regulations on network providers would have an adverse impact on the economy and employment   WASHINGTON – Today on Capitol Hill, the American Consumer Institute Center for Citizen Research released the findings of a study examining the impact of policies, including ‘network neutrality,’ on job creation and national broadband […]

A Threat to Florida Homeowners

Who’s Watching the Watchdog? There was a time when consumers regularly depended on private insurance coverage to protect our cars and homes against the unexpected occurrence of a major loss. But, there has been a growing threat to consumers. That consumer threat, however, is not posed by private insurance carriers, who are demonized as price-gougers, […]