Don’t Forget Flood Insurance Reforms

Harvey and Irma are gone, leaving devastation in their wake. Jose is headed away from our east coast, and then there is Maria. These are just the latest crop of significant Atlantic storms. We go through watchful waiting for hurricanes every year. Sometimes it amounts to paranoia and sometimes they really are out to get […]

Daley in the Gainesville Sun: “Time to Halt No-Fault Scams”

Alan Daley, Florida research director and frequent blogger at the American Consumer Institute, wrote a great piece on how no-fault insurance regulation has led to a cottage industry of fraud in the state.  His piece was published in the Gainesville Sun and can be read here.

The Evidence is Clear: Florida Property Insurance Fraud and Flaws are Hurting Consumers

If Florida legislators needed any further evidence this spring that they must stop out-of-control fraud and litigation in the state’s Personal Injury Protection (PIP) auto insurance system, they now have all the proof they need.   Two recent missives – one from Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater and another from Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin […]