Proposition 22 is a Big Win for Workers and Consumers!

Last night, California voters approved Proposition 22, a ballot measure that now allows app-based drivers to remain as independent contractors, not employees. The passage of Proposition 22 does not just represent a win for California workers, who can now continue to earn income in an employment structure they overwhelmingly favor, but it also represents a […]

California’s Proposition 22 and the Benefits of the Gig Economy

The following is a statement from Steve Pociask, President and CEO of the American Consumer Institute: “California’s Proposition 22 is pro-consumer. The proposition seeks to turn back recent regulations that are stifling the gig economy and freelance employment. The gig economy has opened up opportunities both for those looking for flexible work opportunities and for […]

Town Hall: The Necessity of Proposition 22

On November 3rd, California voters will decide whether Proposition 22, a ballot initiative that would exempt ride sharing apps and food delivery companies from the draconian labor regulations of AB.5, should become state law. Proposition 22’s passage would provide an important exemption to ride share apps and food delivery companies that would allow them to continue to operate and […]