Public Attitudes Toward Public Private Partnerships

An article in The Atlantic suggests that Americans are not completely at ease with the private sector building and operating public infrastructures. Private sector construction and operation is certainly faster and more efficient as is government’s, but offsetting that, government can borrow at about a 3% cost, cheaper than the private sector’s blend of equity […]

ACI in Real Clear Policy: A Flood of Private Insurance

The National Flood Insurance Program is $25 billion in the red, and because many of its 2012 legislative reforms were rolled back with the passage of recent legislation, there is little hope that the fund will ever be financially solvent. However, a new approach could bring about some relief. This week, Representatives Dennis Ross and […]

Private vs. the Public Option: The “Rule of Two”

Much of the current health care debate centers on the provision of private health insurance versus the public option. On one side of the debate are those who point to private enterprise as the fruit of entrepreneurial efforts and capitalism, which leads to greater operational efficiency and lower consumer prices. The other side sees a […]