Occupational Licensing Doesn’t Improve the Quality of Services, It Makes It Worse

The proportion of U.S. workers who are required to hold a government license to do their job has grown substantially over the last seven decades. Today, nearly 3 in 10 workers are licensed, up from just 1 in 20 in 1950. Thousands of occupations require licensure in at least one state, ranging from barbers and […]

ACI in Forbes: Delayed Postal Delivery Means Wasted Absentee Votes

US Postal Service (USPS) consumers are seeing declining service standards. They know their packages don’t arrive on time. What they may not realize, however, is that this may also cost them their vote. 38 states require absentee ballots to be received by election day. However, USPS rules have changed and that first class letter mail, […]

The Quality of Medical Care

For many, the quest to extend access to health care has been an important public goal. For decades, progress was made through employer-based coverage, and more recently, extensions of coverage were made through Medicaid, Medicare, the Veterans Administration, the Affordable Care Act, and the Children’s Health Insurance Program. With access closer to universality, quality and […]