Naples Daily News: Tax Reform Should Stimulate, Not Repress Economic Growth

Alan Daley wrote an op-ed cautioning the development of tax reforms that needlessly tax some services, like reinsurance.  Such taxes would needlessly raise consumer prices without offsetting or adjusting any international taxes.  His piece can be read at the Naples Daily News. Use Caution in Tax Reform Tax reform could provide a much-needed boost to […]

Real Clear Policy: Tax Reform Should Not Target Reinsurance

At first glance, President Trump’s tax-cut plan has merit. It proposes lowering corporate and individual tax rates to stimulate economic growth. The plan calls for repatriating income held overseas by U.S. corporations, which will bring an influx of trillions of dollars of new capital into the country. In addition, the plan may allow businesses to […]

Pensacola Journal News: Hats Off to Citizens, but more Reforms Needed

What a difference a few years can make. Recent changes to insurance public policies have left homeowners better protected and given the state greater financial stability. Yet, there is still room for improvements, including changes that could dramatically reduce premiums for consumers. Over a decade ago, Florida property insurance market could have been called dysfunctional.  […]

Naples Daily News: A Reminder of Hurricane Wilma

In the early hours of October 24, 2005, Category 3 Hurricane Wilma came barreling into Collier County with winds up to 125 miles per hour. Ten years later, it’s important to look back at Wilma as a lesson in physical and financial preparation. As Wilma formed between Cuba and Mexico and strengthened into a major […]

Preparing for the Storm

While there is no preventative measure to stop a hurricane from reaching Florida, preparation is paramount and it requires going beyond buying generators and stocking up on batteries, bread and water. It requires financial preparation, which is something that Florida leadership has been focused on in recent years. In March, Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, the […]

ACI in the Hill’s Congress Blog: Disasters Could Be Less Disastrous

No region of the United States has a monopoly on catastrophes. Our communities are exposed to floods, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, droughts and fires. Some of us are more accustomed to seasonal flooding and high winds, and others to drought and fires. We never know precisely when they will arrive, but we know they will surely […]

Reinsurance: Rational Move for Cat Fund and Florida

The Florida Cabinet made the right decision by authorizing the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund (Cat Fund, a government entity) to buy $1 billion of reinsurance as part of its $17 billion in claims-paying resources. The $1 billion of reinsurance was bought at modest cost and it will spread the cost of any calamity beyond Florida’s […]

Letter Urges Reducing Florida’s Cat Fund Risks

ACI, along with a group of nonprofit groups, has written a letter to the Cat Fund CFO and the Florida State Board of Administration urging them to use private capital to reduce risks and the potential for hefty hurricane tax assessments on consumers, churches, nonprofits and small businesses.  The letter is available here.

ACI in the Tallahassee Democrat: Preparing for Hurricane Season

Will Florida be storm-free for another hurricane season? Members of the Florida Legislature must think so, as they have once again hesitated to demonstrate fiscal prudence and protect Florida consumers from the ongoing and unfair financial mess known as the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund (Cat Fund). There is a great opportunity for reform of the […]