Lobbyist Greed and Political Pork are Infecting the Next Coronavirus Stimulus Package

The White House and both sides of the aisle in Congress are rushing to put together a stimulus package to limit the economic impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. While the full extent of the economic fallout from the coronavirus crisis is yet to be determined, the global economy is facing dramatic turbulence. 72% of Americans […]

New Study: Misguided Proposals to Reimpose Onerous Rail Regulation Would Jeopardize the Public Good

For much of the 20th century, federal regulators tightly controlled the railroad industry, including rail investment and prices. By the 1970s, several major carriers were on the verge of bankruptcy, and lawmakers, facing the prospect of costly bailouts, acted boldly and repealed onerous regulations, allowing market forces to re-energize the industry. In the 40+ years […]

Roaming Regulations: FCC Stands Up to Protect Corporations from Competition; Tells the Industry Why Invest You Can Rent

The FCC voted today to mandate that larger mobile network operators enter into data roaming agreements with smaller mobile operators.  The ruling says that mobile operators must let competitors use their networks, and will force companies to enter into agreements that will allow the use of their network at a “reasonable rate.”  The FCC has […]

On Roaming Charges and Other Corporate Subsidies – The FCC is Open for Business

When private companies compete for market share, consumers always win; but when regulations and legislation help advantage competitors, consumers invariably lose.  It is just as simple as that.   When it comes to doling out favors, special subsidies and protection from competition, there are signs that the FCC is open for business.  It amounts to […]