Why Pay More For Cable TV Blackouts?

For the last two decades, video distribution networks (mostly cable and satellite) and video programmers (broadcast and non-broadcast TV channels) lived under rules that govern what distribution must be offered to content owners, and what content owners must allow distributors to carry – mostly subject to negotiated prices.  These regulations – called retransmission consent, compulsory […]

New Legislation Aims to Lower Broadcaster Market Power

This past Friday, legislation was introduced into both the House and Senate that would reform the television industry, doing away with what many say are outdated and onerous regulations that are hampering innovation and fair competition between multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) and broadcasters, in addition to curbing the ability of broadcasters to compete in […]

Christenson Writes on The Hill’s “Congress Blog”

Zack Christenson, a regular contributor for ACI, wrote an execellent piece on how cable/video service reforms will increase competition and benefit consumers.  Zack’s piece, published on THE HILL’s “Congress Blog” is available here.

New ConsumerGram on Retransmission Consent and the Evidence of Market Power

This ConsumerGram provides evidence that broadcasters are increasing prices by at least four times the rate of inflation, and have done so over the course of several years.  This sustained rate of increase suggests that broadcasters are exerting market power – even over the largest cable TV providers, who should be in the best position […]