Another FCC Miscalculation Means Less Wireless Investment — Why Build When You Can Rent?

In the wake of the failed AT&T/T-Mobile merger, it’s interesting to look at Sprint’s recent decision to change its coverage map in Oklahoma and Kansas.  Sprint’s plan is to move major sections of these states onto roaming.  Sprints network, just as other wireless carriers networks, are becoming very taxed.  More and more people are using […]

Roaming Regulations: FCC Stands Up to Protect Corporations from Competition; Tells the Industry Why Invest You Can Rent

The FCC voted today to mandate that larger mobile network operators enter into data roaming agreements with smaller mobile operators.  The ruling says that mobile operators must let competitors use their networks, and will force companies to enter into agreements that will allow the use of their network at a “reasonable rate.”  The FCC has […]