The Real Threats of Artificial Intelligence

Some consumers may be alarmed at the prospects of malicious Artificial Intelligence (AI), but some are unconcerned. In a verbal standoff, Elon Musk claims that humanity needs to fear AI while Steven Pinker (a highly respected academic) feels that perspective is unproductive fear mongering. Bill Gates and the late Stephen Hawking side with Musk, but […]

Robots Will Help Reverse the Offshoring of US Jobs

Robots long ago graduated from the pages of sci-fi novels and comic books.  In nations that engage in serious manufacturing, robots have become crucial to prosperity and growth.  Industrial robots have become so common in factory settings that we no longer expect them to appear humanoid.  Around the clock, they perform the full panoply of […]

Wishlist Computing Items Under Development

Artificial Intelligence (AI) developments have attracted much attention in industrial and financial circles.  AI is being used commercially to “recognize spoken words, translate from one language to another, improve Internet search results” and to select financial investments (e.g. AIEQ, the AI Powered Equity ETF)  that would normally require human judgement.  Gradually, some workers will find […]

Continue Sharpening Your Skills

Once upon a time, good behavior and a high school diploma qualified us for a career-long job in an automobile manufacturing plant.  Good behavior still matters, but that high school diploma isn’t worth much, and it will likely be trumped by artificial intelligence or a tireless robot. Of its 33,000 employees in this quarter, Tesla […]

Just When You Thought Robots Would Do the Heavy Lifting

Today’s automobile manufacturing plants are manned by highspeed robots that lift steel panels, hold them in place, weld them together and present the assembly to the next specialized robot.  Down the line, a robot slowly spins the entire steel body of a car so a “paint” robot can spray it uniformly – flat panels and […]

ACI in the Daily Caller: Can A Manufacturing Revival Be Fueled By Tax Reform and Robots?

Most consumers like meaningful, well-paying jobs and lower tax rates.  Those end results are typical of what our political candidates promise, but those results are not the automatic result of an election victory.  They depend on implementing the right policies.  In the recent election, one piece of a tax proposal for businesses was a “border […]

Robots Are Far Beyond Sci-Fi

Robots have already earned their place in a surprising range of jobs, including retail fast food, automobile assembly, underwater bridge inspection, surgery, in-hospital courier service, warehouse stocking and shipping, cellphone fabrication and assembly, and organizing of “discovery” materials — a task once done by first-year lawyers and law clerks.  From a consumer’s perspective, robots are […]