Inside Sources: Rural Americans Need Broadband and Here’s How Government Can Help

24 million Americans — many of whom live in rural areas — don’t have access to high-speed, broadband internet in their homes. But a new study says that next generation wireless broadband, 5G, may be within reach for many rural Americans, if only state and local governments reduce fees that discourage private-sector investment. To read […]

Technology Options for Rural Broadband

The term “broadband” has become imprecise and subject to redefinition for political convenience. That convenience was exercised by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 2015 when it chose 25 Mbps as a replacement for 4Mbps, the threshold speed for “broadband” at that time. That political gambit gave the FCC an excuse for denigrating private sector […]

Phone Scam Raids Consumer’s Wallets

Our last ConsumerGram analyzed the hidden telephone fees that consumers pay as a result of an outdated system of regulated payments between telephone companies. We concluded then that these payments represent subsidies that hurt consumers, are inefficient, and are not sustainable in the face of increasing competition. Moreover, the subsidy scheme works to discourage investment […]