Unfriendly Domestic Policies and Barriers to Production Increase Gas Price

By now, most Americans will have noticed that their price at the pump has been steadily climbing over the last few months, having recently hit $4.32 nationally. They will also likely have heard how supply chain disruptions, U.S. sanctions on Russia, and more recently a ban on Russian oil imports (10% of U.S. imports and […]

Russian Propagandists Use Social Media to Inflict Cyber Harm on Americans

Most Americans are aware of Russia’s internet meddling with the reputation of candidates in the 2016 Presidential election. In the run up to election day in 2016, slanderous remarks were posted by trolls posing as opponents to Hillary Clinton. Other trolls posted character attacks on Presidential candidate Trump. Both sides urged readers to vehemently contradict […]

Cyber Warfare is Cheaper Than Conventional Warfare

In Moscow, for just a few million per year, you can operate a successful digital propaganda crew.  Russia does.  A crew might consist of 3 analysts devising attack themes and scripts plus a few hackers using high speed internet service, regular office equipment, and specialty items such as space on remote servers for staging attacks. […]

Is A Quiet Cyber War Replacing The Cold War?

Wannacry (aka Wannacrypt) is a cyberattack worm that encrypts data on a computer and asks for a ransom payment in order to decrypt that data. The victimized computers cannot perform their normal functions, and cannot retrieve from their databases. Wannacry was spreading rapidly through Western Europe and the US during mid-May 2017. Wannacry might well […]