The Hill: Congress should pass bill to prevent stacked taxation of digital purchases

Who has the authority to tax digital purchases such as downloads of music, literature, movies, mobile apps and software? That seemingly simple question has yet to be resolved, and consumers are increasingly at risk of paying multiple taxes to different jurisdictions for the same digital transaction. A new proposal in Congress would change that. To […]

The Taxing Problem of Internet-Based Sales

A sales tax imposed on Internet purchases has had many proponents, since the inception of the Internet, wanting to force online retailers to collect sales taxes on items purchased by consumers via their website. Last year, the Senate passed the Marketplace Fairness Act, which would require retailers to collect sales taxes based on where the […]

Lawmakers Consider Taxing Online Sales

Over the past several months, talk in Congress of imposing an online sales tax has begun to heat up.  Two bills before the Senate and House—The Marketplace Fairness Act and The Marketplace Equity Act, respectively—offer similar proposals to force online retailers to begin collecting sales tax from their customers, regardless of the state or municipality […]

Caving to Internet Sales Tax

Have you bought anything online lately? If you’ve bought something from Amazon or Zappos or any other number of online-only retailers, you didn’t pay any sales tax.  Chances are also good that you made your purchase online because of that fact—you knew you could save a good chunk of money by making your purchase online. […]