Well, Look Who’s Scalping Tickets

Paperless ticketing is becoming an increasingly common way to issue tickets for events–in sports and entertainment especially. From a convenience standpoint, this seems to be a win for consumers—no need to worry about losing your tickets along with the appearance of efficiency through technology. But while that may be the appearance, it’s anything but the […]

Tallahassee Democrat: Proposed Legislation to Protect Ticket Scalpers?

Should Legislation Protect Consumers or Cons and Ticket Scalpers? Everyone knows someone that has gone to a concert or a sporting event, having paid far beyond the ticket’s face value.  Many of us have also heard the horror stories of a fan going to concert only to find someone else sitting in their seat – […]

Preventing a Ticket to Nowhere

As you approach the ticket taker, you pull out your two tickets for the event of the year.  The stadium employee smiles, grabs the tickets, scans them with a handheld device…and frowns.  I’m sorry, but these tickets aren’t valid.  Your mind races: did you go on the wrong day?  The ticket taker shakes her head […]

A New Entitlement for Scalpers

Live concerts and games can deliver a few hours of enjoyment by providing a temporary break and a chance to escape the stresses of everyday life.  While the availability of tickets and ticket prices are important factors to having the opportunity to enjoy these moments, scalpers and scammers can sour these moments by setting prices […]