Real Readiness for a Return to School

As we prepare for the next school year, we do what we can to equip our children with the visible signs of classroom readiness – suitable clothes, a backpack, writing supplies and perhaps a cellphone or laptop. But if we reflect on the issue, we acknowledge that children need factors that are more fundamental than […]

The Education Sector Is Truant for Tests

The main parts of our education sector are trying to shirk assessments. Some teachers, parents, students and college administrators are each asserting reasons for avoiding standardized tests that measure how well students can perform.  Of course, none admits that the funding provided to develop student performance is no longer needed. Teachers unions have been resisting […]

Encouraging Signs for K-12 Classrooms

Some school administrators, politicians, most unions have a labor perspective on why schools exist.  Despite their beliefs, schools are not foremost a government jobs program.  Taxpayers, parents and students, generally feel that schools exist to prepare students for meaningful employment and for competent citizenship and parenting.  All sides bear culpability for the disappointing performance of […]

Educating for Economic Survival

Typically, parents of school-age children think their local school is “pretty good” but feel K-12 nationwide needs to be fixed.   The delusion is amusing but half right.  Since those parents entered kindergarten, global commerce has reached into our communities and taken many low skill jobs offshore, and it’s tugging on our higher skill jobs.  We […]