The Jury is Out: DOJ’s Filing Against Google Unlikely to Enhance Consumer Welfare

On Friday, October 30, 2020, lawyers from both the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Google will meet to start proceedings in the DOJ’s antitrust suit against the tech giant. In their filing with attorney’s general from eleven traditionally Republican states, the DOJ alleges Google entered into a series of short and long-term exclusionary agreements that harmed […]

Google in the EU Regulatory Crosshairs

Google dominates conventional search with 67% for PCs and 83% for mobile in the US.  Worldwide through its Android mobile operating system, it serves 80% of smartphones.  Google is newsworthy because of its scale and the business practices it uses to interact with consumers and businesses. Recently, Google earned media coverage due to allegations of […]

EU Protectionism on the Rise

For two decades, Google has focused tightly on improving its prowess in Internet search.  It is very good at search, and while it dominates search (worldwide about 88%) it is not the only player.  Microsoft’s Bing (4.5%) also produces excellent results, along with other rivals Yahoo (4.3%) and Baidu (0.6%).  When consumers choose among these […]


WASHINGTON, DC – As Google faces potential antitrust action in Europe for abuse of its dominance in the search market, along with an antitrust investigation by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) , as well as the recent decision by the FTC to levy the largest fine against a private company, for knowingly bypassing privacy settings […]

Google’s “Search” for Personal Online Information

A regulatory agency in Europe is requesting more information from Google on their privacy policies, saying that the answers that Google has provided to them thus far have been inadequate.  Since Google changed their privacy policy earlier this year, European regulators have been questioning their strength and whether or not the policies meet the letter […]

ACI: Google’s new privacy policies raise “grave concerns”

“Washington, DC, January 25, 2012 –– In response to multiple news reports that Google will be consolidating their privacy policies and not allowing consumers to opt out, Steve Pociask, President of the American Consumer Institute, made the following statement: “The reports of Google’s privacy changes, which will allow no opt out, raises grave concerns for […]

Google Searches Intentionally Overlook Another Competitor — Twitter

This week, Google made major changes to its search algorithm in an effort to make search results both more relevant to users and more up to date.  Google is calling this “Search Plus Your World.”  To do so, they’re deeply integrating their new social network, Google+, into the search results that a user will receive […]

Senators Kohl and Lee Call on the FTC to Investigate Google

We applaud Senator Kohl and Senator Lee for standing up for consumers by raising additional concerns about Google’s dominant market power and questionable business practices, particularly given the inconsistencies in the testimony of Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt. While Schmidt seemed to agree with the Senators that Google did have dominant market power during sworn […]