Right to Repair Takes a First Step

Every day, Americans discard 416,000 cell phones simply because they are broken and it is often more cost-effective to purchase a new device than repair the old phone. That number equates to over 151 million discarded devices each year. The staggering number of phones that are discarded daily not only represents wasted money for consumers, […]

Cities Have the Wrong Number on Cell Taxes

Cell phone taxes are putting a significant strain on the budgets of many Americans. A report published late last year by Scott Mackey at Leonine Public Affairs, LLP found that the average taxes consumers pay on wireless service increased again in 2020. While wireless costs everywhere are rising, cell taxes affect people differently in cities […]

Town Hall: High Wireless Taxes Hurt the Poor and Innovation

High cellular taxes contribute to the digital divide between people with high and low incomes, and they slow down the rate of technological innovation. Lawmakers should be encouraging the use of these devices and not tax them. Read this opinion piece in the Town Hall.

FM Radios in Smartphones Are Needed During Crises

Now that more than 77% of Americans have a smartphone, that device has become the standard by which Americans keep in touch with family, friends and co-workers.  For many, smartphones are an essential tool that we use in our work as an employee or student. Equally important, in emergencies a customer’s smartphone can summon help […]

Daily Caller: A Little-Known Smartphone Feature Could Save Your Life

As smartphones’ capabilities continue to expand, it’s easy to take for granted the cellular networks they rely on to talk, text and access the Internet. But during hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, wildfires and other natural disasters, cell towers are vulnerable. Increases in call volume linked to the disaster often cause network congestion, making communication difficult. After […]

Daily Caller: ITC Could Make Smartphones A Lot More Expensive

Qualcomm has asked the International Trade Commission (ITC) to halt the importation of some Apple smartphones that use the chips of its competitors. The issue stems from a patent dispute between Qualcomm, a maker of baseband processor chipsets used in many popular electronic devices, and Apple, a manufacturer of these devices. Now, a new report […]

High Bandwidth Smartphones Fuel Economic Growth

About 35% of the world’s seven billion people have a mobile phone of one kind or another, and of those, one billion people use the more advanced device, a “Smartphone.”  Smartphones need copious bandwidth to really pay off for their users.  So-called 3G and 4G bandwidth provides the fastest data transfers, making data-intensive applications (such […]

Consumers — The Biggest Loser from Government-Induced Spectrum Shortages

Over the course of our lifetimes, we’ve witnessed an incredible surge in technological innovation.  We have televisions as thin as a dime store novel, computers that weigh under two pounds and communication devices (cell phones, to the lay person) that would make the crew of the USS Enterprise jealous.  One constant in these examples has […]