Russian Propagandists Use Social Media to Inflict Cyber Harm on Americans

Most Americans are aware of Russia’s internet meddling with the reputation of candidates in the 2016 Presidential election. In the run up to election day in 2016, slanderous remarks were posted by trolls posing as opponents to Hillary Clinton. Other trolls posted character attacks on Presidential candidate Trump. Both sides urged readers to vehemently contradict […]

Online Content Editing

Social media companies is facing convulsive changes which will not please its  management, and which may upset its users.  In the US, political pressure is forcing Facebook to preclude Russia’s ability to use its platform for influencing US elections; and in the EU, laws require Facebook to quickly remove hate speech and incitements to violence.  […]

Social Media Refurbish Their Reputations by Managing Content

Since the 2016 election, partisans have applied the “Fake News” insult to stories that they dislike.  Unfortunately, there is such a thing as genuine fake news.  Twitter reports there has been fake news in its traffic from thousands of internet propaganda sources.  Belatedly, Twitter will notify “677,775 users that they had interacted with fake accounts […]

Regulations Creeping Toward Social Media Sites

Changes in consumer preferences for news, entertainment and social interactions have boosted the importance of sites such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter and others.  In turn, these sites monetize their extreme popularity by selling space and promotional tools to advertisers.  While social media’s financial success is noteworthy, many consumers believe that social media sites shortchange consumer […]

Encryption for Social Media and Email

Social media and email services are drifting toward the encryption of their clients’ information.  Consumers will prefer encryption for some of the information stored in their smartphones, laptops and tablets. US retail consumers’ attitude toward privacy is shaped by the belief that some in law enforcement snoop and by our loathing of hackers. A milder […]