The Economic Standard: Are Solar Panel Mandates Helping Consumers Save Money?

California’s solar energy mandate was officially implemented at the beginning of this year, making the Golden state the first in the nation to implement a law that obligates all newly constructed houses to have solar panels. Hawaii, Arizona, Maryland, and other states have announced they will follow suit. While the mandate is an attempt to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, mandated […]

California’s Solar Panel Mandate Only Worsens the Housing Crisis

Diversifying our sources of energy provides a variety of benefits, such as greater reliability and lower carbon emissions. While a new mandate for residential solar panels in California represents a step towards diversification, the regulations shift the financial burden onto the state’s poorest residents. At a time when the Golden State is blighted by an affordable housing crisis, legislators […]

Morning Consult: Reforming Net Metering Would Restore Fairness for Energy Consumers

Solar power is an important part of our energy future, but misguided net metering policies distort the market, transfer wealth from the neediest Americans to the most wealthy and incentivize fraudulent business practices that victimize consumers. The basic solution is simple: States should adopt fair, market-driven rates to compensate net metering customers. To read this […]

New ConsumerGram: The Unintended Consequences of Net Metering

At first glance, the concept of promoting rooftop solar energy seems like a good idea: homeowners are incentivized to buy or lease solar panels; they benefit from reduced reliance on their local utility for electricity; they benefit directly from clean solar energy; and they sell any excess power to the electric utility for credit or […]

Another Tax Subsidy for the Rich

On the surface, the concept of promoting rooftop solar energy, referred to as net metering, seems like a good idea, but a closer looks shows that it can produce many adverse consequences that lead to higher costs for consumers. Net Metering is a program that allows consumers to generate energy from rooftop solar panels for […]

Buyer Beware: Complaints from Rooftops

Over the past couple of decades, a number of rooftop solar companies have gone into business – often making arrangements to lease solar panels to consumers while collecting subsidies for these systems for themselves. SolarCity – the brainchild of billionaire Elon Musk – has made an especially big name for itself in the world of […]

About Those Solar Panels on Your Roof…

As a pragmatist you want to know what solar panels do to your pocketbook. Is a solar project’s lifetime cost lower than the cost of electricity you avoid buying plus electricity you can sell back to the local power company?   You might also want to know if regulators tweaked the power grid prices to subsidize […]