FORBES: At the FCC, No Evidence Of Market Failure Is Needed To Justify Price Controls

Seventeen years ago, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) moved to deregulate private business lines, referred to as Business Data Services (BDS) – effectively going from rate-of-return regulation to price cap regulation and permitting full price flexibility in competitive business markets. Now the FCC appears to have changed its mind – despite evidence showing that the […]

Just When You Thought that 1934 Holiday Sweater Was Out of Date

Out with the new and in with the old.  Earlier this year, in a mad dash to obey the White House’s command to regulate Internet networks, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) imposed Telecommunications Act Title II rules on Internet network services.  Title II was infamous for price regulations that enforce the subsidies which consumers learned […]

ACI in FORBES: Did the FCC Just Lose All Credibility?

Imagine a Federal agency calling for public input on an important issue while one of its top officials simultaneously tells corporations at a private event how they can rig the process for their own benefit. That’s what’s going on at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) this month. The agency, evidently not content with its February […]

FCC Ponders Price Regulation of Obsolete Data Services

A few months ago, the FCC voted to initiate a new proceeding that could lead to a re-regulation of prices for special access service, with them setting prices for how much telecom firms are allowed to charge some businesses for the service.  According to the FCC, there was enough evidence to show that the current […]

Why Re-Regulating Special Access Is Not So Special For Consumers

Before the Divestiture of AT&T and the decade to follow, special access services, a copper-based dedicated telecommunications technology, were being used by large businesses, telecommunications companies, PBX operators and government agencies to bypass the telephone company’s publicly-switched network.  As competition for special access services exploded in the 1980’s, the FCC moved special access from a […]

More Begging Hands in Washington

Groups Calling for Increased Price Controls of Telecommunications Services Would Like Government Subsidies   The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is looking into allegations of market failure and claims of high special access prices, even though no party or government agency has yet to produce any empirical evidence that demonstrates that a market failure actually exists.  Without […]