Death of Congressional Spending Proposal Would Be a Win for Consumers

Earlier this month, Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia helped deliver consumers a victory when he informed Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer that he was opposed to voting for any legislative bill that would include costly energy and climate provisions until after the August recess. Weary of exacerbating inflation, Senator Manchin requested that his Democrat […]

Coalition Opposes Wasteful $3.5 Trillion Spending Plan

Today, a coalition of tax and consumer groups wrote a letter to Congress in opposition to the $3.5 trillion proposal, calling it — not a “path for progress for Americans,” but rather a mixed bag of higher taxes andincreased wasteful spending for which taxpayers will ultimately be responsible. The coalition letter is available here online.

The Scope and Funding for Infrastructure Plans

We welcome the public convenience, safety benefits and economic advantages that flow from revitalizing our infrastructure. Moody’s estimates that $1.44 is returned for each infrastructure dollar invested. The case for upgrading infrastructure sounds straightforward, but the depth and scope of upgrade, the competing claims on federal funds and other political agendas make infrastructure a complex […]

Coalition Letter on “Open Competition”

Twenty-one nonprofit groups submitted a letter to members of Congress asking them to be mindful of using a competitive bidding process when considering appropriations and legislation related to revitalizing the Nation’s aging infrastructure.  By one estimate, open competition rules would save the federal government hundreds of billions of dollars.  The coalition letter is available online.

Important Topics by The Numbers

Get used to hearing “trillion” –  i.e., a million millions.  Two decades ago, I heard a politician lament about government spending, “a million here, a million there, pretty soon you’re talking real money.”   Today, Wall Street and Washington DC are awash in discussions of financial and economic factors that need measuring with a trillion dollar […]

Government Shutdown Déjà vu

Most consumers would welcome some events again; the birth or college graduation of a child, paying off our mortgage, or man on the moon.   But government shutdown and debt ceiling “chicken” are not on the welcome list.  In October this year, politicians grossly overestimated their constituents’ support for a budget grudge match.  Those hostilities may […]

A Budget of Disappointments

Earlier we noted surprises in the budgetary emphasis on energy and transportation.  Without prose to explain its retreat, the White House slashed spending in its quest for cars that run on pure green thoughts.  All that remains is deep seated hostility to most families’ means of transportation. Some of the biggest reductions in the budget […]

Tax Reform is the RX (Fiscal Cliff Part 4)

Congress and the President need to extend all of the prior administration’s tax cuts and do this immediately.  Given the current teetering economy, an increase in dividend, capital gains and income taxes will only reduce consumer disposable income and harm the economy.  For this piece, however, let’s begin reform of the tax code …. A […]