Forbes: Will FCC Regulations Threaten Market Differentiation, Innovation and Consumer Benefits?

Wireless companies are experimenting with new offerings that allow consumers to use data to access some content at no charge. You would think that a plan to give customers free data would not be controversial, but it is. Now a Commissioner at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has stepped forward to announce that she would […]

The FCC Shouldn’t Outlaw Better Mobile Deals for Consumers

Most mobile phone customers pay a monthly bill containing taxes, plus a flat charge for the “line” and other charges based on the count of data bits we send or receive. The usage sensitive charge apportions the cost of operating the cellular network and pays a contribution to the needed capital investment, e.g. cell towers, […]

ACI in FORBES: The FCC Should Let Consumers Choose

Wireless Internet service providers are beginning to offer consumers access to some content for free. In some instances, this means consumers can enjoy some promotional content, including videos and music, without impacting their data plans. These offerings, called sponsored data plans, allow consumers to stream content from such sources as HBO, Starz, ESPN, Hulu, Netflix […]

The Hill’s Congressional Blog: Internet Regulations Not Open or Free

Net Neutrality proponents are always saying that they are promoting a more “open and free” Internet.  Last week, Susan Crawford, a former advisor to President Obama on matters concerning science, technology and innovation, wrote an article in Medium condemning a practice known as “zero rating”—where some wireless carriers offer free wireless data to access certain […]