States Must Unleash the Power of 5G

Small cell infrastructure is vital to expanding 5G infrastructure in the United States, particularly in densely populated urban communities. Recognizing the importance of small cell infrastructure to 5G deployment and the numerous barriers local governments and municipalities have to stop their deployment, the Pennsylvania legislature recently passed HB-1621, the Small Wireless Facilities Deployment Act. With the […]

Newsday: Are States Going Too Far with Vaping Reform?

As the e-cigarette “health outbreak” continues, some states believe the Federal Government hasn’t done enough and are now taking action into their own hands. Utah, for instance, recently introduced legislation looking to lower teen vaping by limiting flavors like menthol. Yet, recent research suggests that menthol is actually reducing, not increasing, smoking and that banning […]

Morning Consult: 5G is Coming, and States Need to Be Ready

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come,” wrote Victor Hugo over a century and a half ago. This quote perfectly captures the growing excitement and anticipation surrounding the coming of the fifth-generation (5G) of wireless services, an entirely new wave of capabilities. Outfitted with remarkably faster speeds, greater capacity and reduced […]

Real Clear Policy — Red Tape Is Hampering US in Race to 5G

The U.S. is ranked only third globally in readiness for 5G, according to a recent study, with China and South Korea in the lead. The crux of the problem, the analysis finds, is that excessive government red tape threatens to jeopardize the technological advantage the U.S. has historically enjoyed over its international competitors. The wireless […]

Morning Consult: Protectionist Car Dealership State Regulations Lead to Higher Prices for Consumers

A blatant example of corporate welfare is driving up automobile prices around the country, helping car dealerships maximize profits at the expense of consumers. A little history is helpful to understand how we got here, and why reforms are desperately needed. Once automobiles reached the mass market in the early 20th century, it didn’t take […]

Daily Caller: Consumers Are Getting The Bang Stolen From Their Buck With State Regulations

Automobile dealerships have been the beneficiaries of state laws that require maker-dealer contracts with restrictions blatantly favoring the profits of dealers over the welfare of consumers. State regulations governing the maker-dealer supply channel constrict the level of competition among dealers offering the same make, according to a new study by the American Consumer Institute, costing […]

FORBES — Listen Up States: Don’t Stifle Investment For Consumer Broadband Wireless Services

While some states are moving ahead with reforms to encourage the deployment of small cells, other states, like Tennessee, Missouri, Georgia and Pennsylvania, seem to be stuck in the past. It is imperative that these states recognize the need to bring this innovative technology and its associated economic benefits by enacting statewide small cell legislation.  […]

Forbes: 5G Investment Will increase Jobs and Benefit Consumers, Without Costing Taxpayers A Dime

Investment in America has finally moved to the forefront of the conversation in Washington, D.C., with the potential of hundreds of pages of legislation and over a trillion dollars from Congress to support laying the groundwork for the next century. The boost in spending will boost consumer benefits and create jobs, but it will also […]