Green Card Recapture is Vital to U.S. Tech and Innovation

Every year, thousands of foreign workers apply for a U.S. employment-based green card that, if issued, would allow them to live and work permanently in the United States. Despite demand constantly exceeding congressionally imposed caps and a backlog that stretches decades, almost 80,000 employment-based green cards were wasted last year, and current law prohibits United […]

New Immigration Rules Will Help the U.S. Economy

While campaigning for the White House, then-candidate Joe Biden promised to “modernize America’s immigration system” because he recognized the country was not “taking advantage of America’s ability to attract the best and brightest workers in the world.” While Biden’s broader immigration agenda has largely stalled in Congress, a recent announcement has made good on his […]

Real Clear Policy: Want Prosperity? Loosen Restrictions on Foreign Workers

While undocumented immigrants pour across the U.S. Southern boarder, many very educated and talented foreign workers, some already employed in the U.S., are being turned away because of a low cap on H1B visas and restrictions on green cards. With a major shortage of STEM graduates in the and tens of thousands of unfilled tech […]

Inside Sources: Immigration Reform is the Key to Solving the Tech Labor Shortage

As the tech sector grows and becomes an even more important component of the twenty-first century U.S. economy, the industry’s labor needs will only continue to grow. It should be clear that federal immigration law is a principal cause of this shortage. One solution Congress should pursue to resolve the tech industry’s labor shortage is […]

When Creative Destruction Strikes Near Home

Each month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports on new jobs, unemployment and other measures about the labor force.  At least 200,000 new jobs per month are needed to keep pace with labor force growth.  But that paints an incomplete picture.  The quality of jobs created and lost each month matters a lot.  Well-paying […]

Common Core versus National or State or Local Standards

Should high school “graduation” imply enough skill to read a parts manual, make change for a $20 bill, and read an election ballot?  Since students have the right to move about the country claiming to be graduates, it is in their interest and our interest that graduation means being “able to function in society beyond […]

Educating Ourselves: A Major Choice

Around prom time each year, we hear how American students stack up against their international peers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).  America’s rankings should concern even the optimists.  But the contest is not over.  Our high school grads have a few more years to develop skills that will shape much of their working […]