Lighter Penalties for Illegal Streaming Reduces Artists’ Revenue and Hurts Consumers

A loophole in federal law treats some forms of online copyright infringement far more leniently than others, hurting both producers and consumers of music, movies, TV shows, and other creative content. Under current law, downloading copyright-infringing digital material is a federal felony punishable by up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine, while […]

Closing the Streaming Loophole Would Benefit Consumers

Illegally downloading copyrighted material is a federal felony but streaming the exact same content over the internet is only a misdemeanor and carries much lighter penalties. Despite the fact that broad access to faster, cheaper internet connections has spurred tremendous growth in the streaming of copyright-infringing content, which now accounts for the majority of piracy […]

More and Better Video Bundles for Consumers

There are now are many popular streaming sites competing to attract subscribers for video content bundles and there are more coming. Vimeo, CBS all access, DirecTV, Google’s YouTube TV, HBO now, HULU, Netflix, Sling, Apple TV, Amazon Prime and Vue are all open for business. Viable competitors undermine the justification for regulations that were based […]

Content is King, Not the Device or the Platform

Consumers welcome a variety of competing electronic sources and delivery pathways for entertainment and news, but content dictates the winner.  Consumers usually have multiple platforms (TV and cable box, PC and smartphone) for digital messaging, streaming video, and TV programs from over the air, mobile wireless, cable and satellite formats. Each of the streaming and […]