Student Loan Forgiveness Treats the Symptoms and Not the Disease

President Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan was met with vocal responses from proponents and opponents alike. Some believe the action is essential to raise living standards and help those struggling to make ends meet. On the other hand, critics contend that forgiving loans will only fuel inflation and provide a handout to the rich. What is missing […]

Is Student Debt Forgiveness Welfare for the Rich?

In a press conference last month detailing new “targeted” student loan forgiveness, President Biden floated the possibility of canceling much larger amounts of student debt for some Americans in the future. The Biden Administration has already committed to expanding loan forgiveness eligibility for several existing federal programs, which the Department of Education estimates is worth […]

Beyond Student Loans

Student loans regularly grab headlines, but loans are typically a small part of financing a college education.  Personal and family contributions, federal grants and subsidies are actually a bigger part of the total outlay.  College students and their families have been borrowing and repaying for almost a lifetime. Today’s hideous $1.2 trillion total of student […]