ACI Joins Coalition in Opposition to Special Interest Corporate Subsidies

Today, ACI signed onto a coalition letter in opposition to the “Moving Forward Act.” The Act would renew investment/production tax credits and subsidize well-capitalized, politically connected corporations at the expense of struggling consumers. The full letter is available online.

Morning Consult: Extending the Electric Vehicle Tax Credit Would Entrench a Failed Policy

The billions of dollars spent on EV credits over the last decade have been ineffective and costly to low-income taxpayers. No wonder about two-thirds of voters oppose these subsidies. These credits shouldn’t be extended; they should be repealed. You can read this piece at The Morning Consult.  

The Hill’s Congress Blog: Repeal Vehicle Tax Credits

Through the EV credit, the government picks winners and losers. Large automakers and wealthy consumers line their pockets with ordinary taxpayers’ money. Instead of doubling down by extending this unfair and ineffective program, it’s time to repeal the EV credit for good. To read this op-ed, visit The Hill’s Congress Blog.  

Real Clear Policy: Time to End Electric Vehicle Tax Credits?

Across the country, electric car buyers are benefiting from generous tax subsidies. These include up to $7,500 in federal tax credits and thousands of dollars more in state tax credits, not to mention various initiatives to subsidize home, business, and public recharging stations. However, recent moves in several states to end electric vehicle subsidies and […]