Cities Eying Food and Beverage Taxes Should Learn from Philadelphia’s Tax Mistake

Local governments considering the imposition of taxes on certain foods and sweetened beverage should take a long look at the tax disaster in Philadelphia. It’s been more than two years since Philadelphia began imposing a massive tax on sweetened beverages, and the bad news just keeps rolling in. Court documents now reveal that one of […]

Daily Caller: Is California Preparing a Statewide Sugar Tax?

Attacks on consumer sovereignty are underway all across the country as politicians attempt to micromanage consumers’ dietary decisions through the tax code. One measure in particular has been adopted by a growing number of localities. So-called “sugar taxes” impose punitive costs on consumers purchasing sweetened beverages like soda, iced tea, and energy drinks. Imposing an […]

Philadelphia Inquirer: Soda Tax Does More Harm Than Good

If you considered having a bottle of soda pop while grilling this Memorial Day Holiday, It’s time to take pause. In January 2017, Philadelphia became one of the first localities in the country to impose a specific tax on sweetened beverages. Imposing an onerous tax on a particular category of food or beverage constitutes an […]

State’s 911 Tax Hike a Non-Emergency

Pennsylvania Consumers love their smartphones and the associated applications that deliver better access to health care, delightful entertainment, informative news and communications with our family and our friends.  Perhaps most revered are the work-related applications that improve productivity and well-being.  The future is bright – the growing sophistication of applications will further tighten consumers’ reliance […]

Time for a Permanent Internet Tax Moratorium

A coalition of 42 companies, primarily independent nonprofit think tanks, sent a letter to the U.S. Senate calling for passage of a permanent Internet tax moratorium.  Failure for Congress to act in the next 60 days will lead to increased taxes for Internet consumers.  To read or print the letter, click here.  

Dependency on Wireless Services

Our cellular and smartphones are something we now take for granted everyday, a service that was only for the uber-rich 25 years ago. Now, cellular phones are almost a necessity of life, with parents even outfitting their children with their own smartphones and even the most Luddite Americans probably have a cellular phone. And nowadays, […]