ACI Joins an International Coalition Letter Against the Recent G20 Digital Tax Proposal

With 39 organizations from 19 countries having signed, this coaltion letter sends a strong message that the international community understands that this is a tax that will reduce innovation, increase costs upon consumers and small businesses, and substantially weaken the global economy. You can read the letter here — in English or in Spanish.   […]

Sugar Taxes are Ineffective, Evidence Shows

It seems straightforward: Taxing sugary beverages makes them more expensive, reducing consumption and leading would-be soda-guzzlers to lead healthier lives. Obesity declines, as do the myriad health conditions associated with a sugar-rich diet. Success! That’s the argument being made in jurisdictions around the world — including here in the U.S. — in favor of taxes […]

Cities Eying Food and Beverage Taxes Should Learn from Philadelphia’s Tax Mistake

Local governments considering the imposition of taxes on certain foods and sweetened beverage should take a long look at the tax disaster in Philadelphia. It’s been more than two years since Philadelphia began imposing a massive tax on sweetened beverages, and the bad news just keeps rolling in. Court documents now reveal that one of […]

Food Activists Want to Tax What You Eat

A major assault on consumer sovereignty is imminent, according to newly unveiled plans by the EAT-Lancet Commission, a billionaire-funded organization with deep ties to radical food activists, to impose a near-vegan diet on the world’s population through punitive taxation, rationing, and outright bans of disfavored products. A few weeks ago, EAT-Lancet released a report promoting […]

The Hill: Congress should pass bill to prevent stacked taxation of digital purchases

Who has the authority to tax digital purchases such as downloads of music, literature, movies, mobile apps and software? That seemingly simple question has yet to be resolved, and consumers are increasingly at risk of paying multiple taxes to different jurisdictions for the same digital transaction. A new proposal in Congress would change that. To […]

New Study Undermines Argument for Taxing Sugary Drinks

Researchers at the Children’s Nutrition Research Center at Baylor College of Medicine have dealt another blow to the case for taxing sugar-sweetened beverages (SSB). The new study, published earlier this month in Current Nutrition Reports, found that “the evidence supporting [a] relationship between SSB consumption and child body mass index (BMI) is consistently small and […]

Daily Caller: Wireless Taxes and Economic Sins Against Consumers

The latest bad news in consumer taxes is suitably framed against a backdrop of by terrorist and hacker disruptions and by disappointments from automobile recalls, excessive drug prices and the chronic bickering over how to increase income taxes. During 2016, governments decided again to impose higher taxes on our innocent and productive uses of wireless […]