Real Readiness for a Return to School

As we prepare for the next school year, we do what we can to equip our children with the visible signs of classroom readiness – suitable clothes, a backpack, writing supplies and perhaps a cellphone or laptop. But if we reflect on the issue, we acknowledge that children need factors that are more fundamental than […]

Peer Assessment Won’t Cut It

Most teachers are dedicated and hardworking, but some are not preparing children with the right stuff to succeed in today’s competitive world of jobs. US graduates and young adults underperform in math, technology and literacy compared with our developed economy competitors.  We cannot expect our new graduates to play a role in winning high value […]

What Graduates Need and What Teachers Don’t Like

While activists may tug educators in other directions, the central goal for high school graduates is to be educated as thoughtful citizens and as employable entry-level workers, or as students who can thrive in college or university. Obtaining an entry-level job shortly after graduating is an important step for many along the path to becoming […]

ACI in Real Clear Policy — Getting Rid of Incompetent Teachers

In a student versus school system lawsuit (Vergara v. State of California), the students won on their claim that grossly incompetent teachers deny them of their right to an education.  The judge found that school systems “permit too many grossly incompetent teachers to remain in classrooms across the state — and found that those teachers […]

Students Deserve Good Teachers

An unusual lawsuit in Los Angeles may write the next chapter in scuffles between unionized K-12 teachers and school districts.  “The plaintiff claims the right to a good education is violated by job protections that make it too difficult to fire bad instructors.” While framed as a complaint over a questionable “right to a good […]

Can Schools Muster Enough Resources to Teach?

At one time schools were expected to just teach.  Now, public schools are expected to be factotums for the social and medical issues of students.  The mission transformation started as a small-scale convenience to government.  But today’s K-12 schools have become big-box outlets for too many public-facing branches of government. Schools are expected to scrutinize […]

Daley: MOOCs – College for the Rest of Us

To understand Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), a reporter enrolled in 11 free online courses and tracked his experiences.  He completed 2 courses and dropped 9 after realizing that although the lectures could be scheduled at his convenience, the courses took a lot of time away from his day job, and some required substantial preparation.  […]