Telehealth Needs Legislative Support, Not Financial Handouts

In 2020, the use of telehealth exploded. The American Journal of Managed Care estimated between September 2019 and September 2020, telehealth visits increased by a staggering 2980%. This growth was driven by the uncontrolled spread of Coronavirus, the convenience of virtual care compared to traditional in-person visits, lower costs for patients, the temporary waiving of regulatory requirements that increased the supply […]

Real Clear Health: Make the COVID-19 Telehealth Reforms Permanent

Despite the overwhelming popularity of telehealth among patients and providers, and its overwhelming growth over the past decade, most of the reforms to telehealth are only temporary, with barriers to access once again erected once individual states declare the public health emergency over. To combat this, and ensure patients can continue to access telemedicine, states […]

Real Clear Health: America Needs Federal Telehealth Licensure Legislation

A federal law is needed to allow telehealth providers to see patients across state lines. That would long way to mitigate the consequences of physician shortages, and it will save consumers costs and provide another avenue for healthcare service delivery. Read this op-ed in Real Clear Health