Daily Caller: Should the Government Be in the Terrorism Insurance Business?

Steve Pociask writes a new op-ed for the Daily Caller that explains why the government got into the terrorism insurance business after September 11th 2001 and why that reason no longer exists.  The piece can be read directly in the Daily Caller.

Hacking and Terrorism

Internet security is much in the news.  At a retail level, consumers are concerned primarily with identity theft and invasion of privacy.  At the nation-state level consumers are concerned with damage inflicted by a sovereign adversary.  Both are troublesome, but they call for different protections and responses. While still better than nothing, retail antivirus software […]

Biggest Consumer Concerns

Readers: Over the last month, we picked 5 major public policy issues and asked our readers to pick which of these issues were of most concern to them.  Here are the final results of our online survey in order of importance: Economic Crisis (36%) Energy Independence (27%) War on Terrorism (12%) Health Insurance reform (10%) Global Warming (10%) All […]