Real Clear Policy: Big Government is Back. What Does it Mean for Industry?

Experts can quibble about the pros and cons of such government largesse — after all, it is not the business community’s fault that the virus shuttered much of the U.S. and global economies. But what is not up for debate is that our nation will be forever altered. Many firms will not survive, and many […]

Inside Sources: Despite Doomsday Predictions, Broadband Investment is Up After End of Net Neutrality

In the months leading up to the end of net neutrality last June, you may have heard dire predictions that the move would “destroy everything that makes the internet great” and constitutes “a body blow to innovation and free expression.” But, the evidence shows otherwise.  Read this op-ed in Inside Sources. Despite Doomsday Predictions, Broadband Investment […]

FORBES: Facts are Stubborn Things – Understanding the Hysteria Surrounding Net Neutrality

Net neutrality. We’ve probably all seen social media posts, emails, and/or texts on this issue. Not that it isn’t important; it most certainly is. But the core component of this issue—the best policy path forward to ensure an open Internet that is positioned for unfettered growth—continues to be muddled by hysteria. To read this entire […]

Forget the Trendy Rants, Net Neutrality Shortchanges Consumers

Americans now depend on the Internet as an essential tool in their workday, their social interactions, their purchasing of goods and services, and their entertainment. And as the Internet evolves, so too does our ability to utilize faster connection speeds to access better quality applications and websites. Where do these faster connections and tools come […]

Forbes: FCC Takes Positive Action to Encourage Broadband Policy

Under Chairman Ajit Pai’s leadership, the FCC’s constructive influence may rescind the regulatory imprisonment that has placed Internet services into Title II purgatory.  Specifically, the FCC is taking steps to enact reasonable time limits on state and local permitting processes, unreasonable fees and delays, and eliminate arbitrary requirements and moratoria on investment.  Yesterday’s, November Open […]

Restoring Internet Freedom: ACI’s Reply Comments to the FCC

The American Consumer Institute Center for Citizen Research (ACI) is a nonprofit (501c3) educational and research institute with the mission to identify, analyze and project the interests of consumers in selected legislative and rulemaking proceedings in information technology, health care, insurance, energy and other matters. Recognizing that consumers’ interests can be variously defined and measured, […]

ACI Files FCC Comments on Restoring Internet Freedom

In this proceeding, the Federal Communications Commission considers preserving a free and open Internet by reducing government regulatory controls, while restoring market-based policies to encourage investment, deployment and access, as well as to improve aggregate consumer welfare. The Commission has indicated its intent to focus on facts and reasoned analyses to determine whether retaining, eliminating […]

ACI in Forbes: The FCC’s Biggest Challenge Yet

FCC Chair Ajit Pai has not even hit his 100-day mark as chairman, but he is already on track to become the most consequential and arguably the most successful FCC leader in a generation. Fresh from his success in urging Congress to overturn the Obama FCC’s poorly written and absurdly complex internet privacy proposal, Pai […]

The Voters Wanted Growth – And They Can Have It

For many Americans, the key issue in the recent election was which path would lead to sustained growth and better incomes. That was what some candidates chose to focus on, but the issue remains central in the public’s mind. There are pragmatic approaches to fostering growth in Americans’ incomes – including repatriation of the $2 […]

The FCC Grabs for More Power

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has created its own growth industry. The FCC keeps busy with inquiries and rulemakings for spectrum auctions, set top box sharing, special access circuit pricing, network neutrality, the invention of new telecommunications entitlements, and most recently the concoction of consumer privacy rules for Internet service providers (ISPs). The FCC’s new […]