Morning Consult: When It Comes to Banking, Size Does Matter

In a reaction to the last major financial crisis, Dodd-Frank (the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act) was passed, and with it came hundreds of new regulations designed to provide additional financial stability, as well as ending the bailouts of “too big to fail” giant financial institutions. In its effort to prevent a future […]

The Hill’s Congress Blog: Protecting Banks is Not the Answer

Some banks are asking state legislators to pass resolutions calling on the U.S. Congress to eliminate the nonprofit status of credit unions, effectively imposing new taxes on the banks’ smallest of rivals.  Said differently, “too big to fail” banks – those first to get in line for federal help and bailouts – are coming to […]

Regulatory Expansion via “Too Big to Fail”

When we can, consumers save for a house, for retirement, for college, or for unexpected expenses.  Savings sometimes molder in bank accounts, but wise savers use a portfolio of certificates of deposit, mutual funds, common stocks and bonds.   In the depths of the housing-finance recession, the federal government loaned billions to mortgage-lending banks they deemed […]