Real Clear Policy: Ambiguous Intellectual Property Rights Means Litigation Abuse

A legal case worthy of a TV drama is unfolding in Texas — with much at stake for American companies and consumers. The dispute over trade secrets — which resulted in a massive $706 million jury award last year and has since been reportedly exposed as an elaborate fraud — has now been appealed. But […]

HouseCanary case reveals broader problems with intellectual property policies

One of the largest verdicts ever in a dispute over trade secrets came last year when a Texas jury awarded $706 million to HouseCanary, a housing data analytics startup that alleged that its intellectual property had been stolen by a rival. The case is on appeal after new revelations seem to have exposed an elaborate […]

Time for Action on Defending Trade Secrets

The proposed Defend Trade Secrets Act or DTSA (S.1890/H.R. 3326) will help protect America’s trade secrets by raising the financial and legal consequences applicable to theft of trade secrets. In some cases, DTSA would enable quick recovery of the stolen secrets, thereby preventing irreparable damage to the victims. Trade secrets “include any useful formula, plan, […]